Why the hell i am feeling like now!? I just want a quiet life, or maybe not that but i can´t have crisis over crisi inside me. I just want to be happy, thats all, but no-one makes that target more easy. Please i beg god to be "normal" for just a few day at least. I can´t live with me right now. Now that i am freeing myself for all the ogres, the ones who were supossed to be the cause of all my troubles. But i realized that the trouble is not they, it´s me. I can´t do anything right by myself. I need my other half... and the truth is that i found hard to find her. I just don´t know what to do right now.. but i have to think of something. It´s like i dont bear myself.. i can´t live with me inside. WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING HERE!? I just want peace. Quiero juguetes, y dulces y buenos tratos, no quiero compromisos ni hacerme cargo. MIERDA

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